Hack Manchester 2016

On 29th-30th October I took part in Hack Manchester at the Museum of Science and Industry as part of two teams from @zuto. Hack Manchester is a 24 hour coding competition where teams of up to four people turn up with an idea and have 24 hours to present a working product.

Our chosen challenge was set by the CO-OP.

“We’d like teams to make something that can help people who may be experiencing loneliness connect with each other/someone. It could be something physical that can go in the front of a Co-op Food Store using something like Raspberry Pi’s, Arduino’s, or something purely internet based.”

CO-OP Community Hub

We developed a service which could connect lonely people in the community who have similar interests. After submitting their name, number and a few interests or hobbies, our service would find others with matching interests and match them up!

Not only did our service bring people together, it would also find a place where they could meet. For example, if four people signed up, all interested in going for coffee and cake, the CO-OP Community Hub would match them together and find a local cafe using the Google Places API.



After a long, sleepless night of coding it was time to close the laptops, head to the awards ceremony and have a well earned beer. Out of a total of 14 teams who opted for the CO-OP challenge, we where thrilled to receive a nomination for the winner and were placed in the top three.

Hackstreet Boys > Hackstreet Boys

We didn’t leave empty handed though! We managed to win best team name. Best team name


Overall it was a really fun event and I am looking forward to next year.

Hack Manchester, Zuto, @zutonites