Front-End Testing with JavaScript & WebdriverIO

The one thing front-end developers aren’t bred to do is write tests around their code. Why not? When working with ‘back-end’ developers, everything they write has tests around it, why aren’t we doing that? Why is this not part of our workflow like it is theirs? We’re the ones that have to make sure our sites work on this huge spectrum of devices and screen sizes. Recently I’ve been writing automated tests for the front-end and I wanted to share what I’ve been doing and how I’ve gone about it. »

Generating multiple static HTML pages with Gulp and Handlebars

Creating a static HTML pages is easy. Creating multiple copies of that same web page manually and changing content is again easy, however this creates a maintenance overhead. Any web developer will understand how frustrating it can be when you’re working on a project and there is that one part that you keep putting off until you absolutely have to because it’s so laborious and painstaking to complete. While working on a project recently at work I was faced with this exact problem. »